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It doesn’t matter how you like your whisky. All we want to do is share the joy it gives and bring you along for the experience.  Based in the West Midlands, the Wet We Whistle Whisky Society has been born from the friendship of 3 founder members. Bob, Andy & Mark. All 3 have different tastes in whisky but one things brings them together, GREAT WHISKY. There is a world of choice for us all to taste, savor and wet we whistle, with thousands of whiskies out there, our goal is to try them all and bring you along, for the ride.

Whisky of the Month:

Every month we will be selecting a GREAT MALT or BLEND.

For September we have a annually maturing Kilchoman.


We run tasting events, so watch out for our events calendar.

However if you want a private tasting, then drop us a email. We will be only to pleased to quote you for a tailored selection. Prices vary. 

Events & Trips:

Japanese Tasting night

The date is 25th October and will be held at Stourbridge Police Club. Tickets are on sale now. Contact us via the email for tickets.

Midlands whisky festival

2-4.30pm Saturday 28th Sept 13.

Trip to the home of Welsh Whisky - Penderyn.

Saturday 16th Nov 13. Ticket will go on sale shortly.

Tell us about your whiskies:

The ones you have open at home.

The ones that you want to get hold of.

Your Dream Dram, what is it??? Tell us, don’t be shy.

And the ones you already have in your collection.

Society Meets:

We meet on the last Friday of every month.

Next meet - 8pm 27th September 13.


Try our useful links page for some great suggestions in and around the world of whisky.

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Contact us:



See Members section


You can buy a

“Wet We Whistle” Dram glass.

Price: £6.00 each

T Shirts are also available at £15.00

Events Calendar:

From 2pm 28th Sept 13 Midlands Whisky Fest